Nicholas Eckstein
​Game Programmer
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Dilbert's Dungeon
Champlain College Year 2, Semester 2
Made with Unity
Producer: Ethan Loewald
Designers: Ethan Loewald, Marlena Hanne

Artist: Bryce MacDonald
Programmers: Dmitry Aristarkhov, Nicholas Eckstein

Dilbert's Dungeon is an infinite runner for mobile phones, where you play as Dilbert. A cowardly adventurer running through an endless cave being chased by a boulder crushing everything in its path. There are also human skeletons on the ground and bat skeletons in the air that if Dilbert touches, he will be knocked backwards towards the boulder. There are randomly placed coins, orbs, and chests throughout the levels.
Collect chests to give certain powerups like a shovel which will flatten terrain for the next 10 seconds. Or a shield which will block enemies from knocking Dilbert back. Once you collect 10 orbs, the level ends and can buy a powerup which will last the duration of the next level using gold collected from previous levels.
Each level's terrain becomes progressively more jagged and chaotic along with a higher rate of spawn for the enemies, all while making sure it is 100% traversable.

A Blip in Time
Champlain College Year 3, Semester 2, 1st Half
Made with Unity + Chronos plugin
Producer:  Robert Mitchell
Designers:  Robert Mitchell, Tobiah Rosenblum, Natalie Frost
Artists: Michael Andreula, Natalie Frost
Programmer: Nicholas Eckstein

A Blip in Time is a puzzle platformer where the goal is to manipulate time to collect gear parts.
You play as Blip. A robot with the ability to rewind time, deploy "paradox clones" and launch time bubbles.
Blip has the ability to record up to 10 seconds, then time is rewound to the beginning of those 10 seconds. Then a "Paradox Clone" will go and do everything Blip did during that timeframe while Blip can go solve another puzzle. This can be useful for solving a puzzle and then quickly rewinding so as to not have to walk all the way back. Or walk off a ledge to solve a puzzle, then rewind to get back on and have your clone solve the puzzle the way you did. It can also be useful for situations that need two or more people like pressing 2 buttons at once. (Blip can create an unlimited amount of clones but they only last the 10 seconds)
Blip's second ability is the "Time Bubble". The Time Bubble has its own time scale. Anything that enters the Time Bubble that isn't Blip or a Clone, will have their personal time scale slowed. This is especially useful for slowing down incoming projectiles or slowing down the descent of a falling platform.

​Champlain College Year 3, Semester 2, 2nd Half
Made with Unity
Aaron Millet
Ian Cotner, Joseph Zika, Tobiah Rosenblum
Natalie Frost, Rachelle Bish, Timothy Chartier
Alan Meehan, Nicholas Eckstein, Zachary Miller
​Reconnected is an atmospheric exploration puzzle game. In Reconnected, you wake up in an abandoned city as a robotic sphere called a Core with no other attachments. You can find different legs and arms which fulfill different jobs. The Core's job when the city was alive was to keep things running and fix anything in the city that breaks. But after an unknown amount of time being turned off, the core is turned on to find that the city is abandoned. But the core has a job. It was programmed to fix what is broken. With or without people living there. So your job as the core is to restore power to the city and bring it back to it's former glory.
Breakout Battle
​Personal Project
Made with Unity
Nicholas Eckstein
Nicholas Eckstein
Nicholas Eckstein
Nicholas Eckstein
Music: ​Dustin Plegge
Breakout Battle is a 2 player breakout game where you compete to break your opponent's bricks first. It includes 6 brick types, 4 powerups, 12 levels, and a built in level editor.
This the first game that I have ever released to the public and can be found on the Google Play store here: