Lymantria Dispar - Post Alpha

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Lymantria Dispar - Post Alpha

Tuesday, April 09, 2019


Nicholas Eckstein


  1. Production 2: MidMortem
    21 Feb, 2019
    Production 2: MidMortem
    In our Production 2 class, we built 3 prototypes in 3 weeks. I was the programmer on a team of 3 including a designer and a producer. Since we had such a small team with no artist, we went for a very simple game our first week: Screwing a lightbulb in while standing on a chair I ended up building the entire prototype (minus the art) within the last 20 minutes of our meeting, where we were designing the game. I really only had to write 2 functions. One to simulate inertia for the chair which was