Nicholas Eckstein
(860) 671-1769
Champlain College, Burlington, VT
Game Programmer, 3 years

Housatonic Valley Regional High School, Falls Village, CT

FRC Robotics, Falls Village, CT: August 2010 – June 2014
Programmer. Electrical experience.
Wrote C++ code to enable a driver to remotely control a robot and to allow the robot to operate autonomously. We worked on a limited timeframe of 6 weeks in a build season.
Competed in FRC National Competition, St. Louis: 2012

Champlain College, Burlington Vermont: August 2014 – May 2017
Game Programming Student
Took a series of classes to learn and gain experience through many different projects and classes including Advanced programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Networking for online games, Graphics Programming, Computer Architecture, Game AI, Productions 1 & 2.

Relevant Coursework and Projects, Champlain College
Game Technology 1
  • Created a breakout clone in Flash using AS3 and Nape physics engine .
  • Created a tower defense level editor in Flash using AS3
Game Graphics & Engines
  • Created a level editor for a Mario clone using c# with 4 different tile types, each having connecting textures ultimately requiring 48 different variations of themselves.

Data Structures & algorithms
  • Analysed trends in casualties and survivor statistics from the Titanic using a pattern-finding algorithm I helped create called “Apriori Algorithm” using C++ with a team of 4 other students.

Game Production 1
  • Created a 2 player, head to head, turn based, tower defense game using Unity. Beforehand I had never used Unity and had to both teach myself and make the game within 3 weeks and complete certain deliverables including getting all base mechanics done by the second week. Worked efficiently and creatively with others on a tight timeframe.
    • Role: Sole programmer on team of 4 students
  • Created an infinite runner for mobile with randomly generated terrain that gets progressively harder. Wrote all the algorithms for the random terrain which also had checks for keeping the terrain from getting impossible to traverse.
    • Role: Sole programmer on team of 4 students

Game Production 2
  • Created a time manipulation game using the Chronos plugin for Unity. I wrote code to manipulate the timeline of objects using Chronos' ability to record the physics of objects and slow the timescale. I also wrote custom scripts to allow for the designers to more easily build levels and connect triggers to dynamic objects.
    • Role: Sole programmer on team of 4 students
  • Helped create atmospheric puzzle game. Joined late in the project. Added a system for dynamic walking sounds based on material being walked on. Added wire minigame to unlock doors.
    • Role: 1 of 3 programmers on a team of 10 students.

Personal Projects
Breakout Battle: 
  • Created a 2 player breakout/pong game where the goal is to destroy your opponent’s bricks before they destroy yours using classic breakout and pong mechanics along with my own twists like gravity manipulating powerups. Includes a fully functional level editor as well as the ability to earn stars to unlock new maps (brick layouts) to play against friends or the AI. Includes 6 brick types and 4 powerups.
    • Role: Sole programmer/designer/artist
  • Intermediate C++
  • Intermediate C#
  • Intermediate GML

  • Visual Studio
  • ​Unity
  • Gamermaker